Pawn & Loan with Accounting

Manage pawn operation, track and monitor working process, manage client and staff information, record revenues and expenses with accounting and financial reports.

The business process is streamlined using the software. Most importantly, managerial team is notified of client status and able to provide instant updates regarding approval of pawn or loan applications.

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Pawn Module

Give you access to a wide range of pawn features. Can be use with all types of property, with flexible interest setup and renewal plans.

Ticket Module

Issue tickets and manage ticket information including grant, payment and redeem tickets. Automatically generate error tickets for tracking purpose.

Customer Module

Manage all your customer information including grant, payment, redemption history and blacklisting status.

Accounting Module

Automated accounting transaction with features including chart of account, general journal, fixed assets and capital investment

Financial Report

Present you income statement and balance sheet to help you to understand past and present financial situation.


The application can be used with Point-Of-Sale software or as a standalone system

In a normal company structure, four important stakeholders: an accountant, a stock controller, a sale person, and a manager can use this system as is described in the scenario below:

  • Accountant: Inject capital investment, declare fixed assets, set up chart of account, register employees…
  • Stock Controller: Set up goods, purchase new stocks, cross-check inventory, register suppliers…
  • Sale Person: Record sales, print receipts, receive invoice payments, register customers…
  • Manager: View reports and KPIs, view customer history, view stock movement…
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Take orders and payments, manage food inventory with accounting reports.

Coffee Shop

Take orders and payments, manage coffee inventory with accounting reports.

Retail Store

Take orders and payments, manage item inventory with accounting reports.

Sport Club

Receive payments, manage item inventory, sale, purchase, and membership.

Trading Company

Manage item inventory, member price, sale & purchase, view KPIs and reports.